What's New this November 23!

What's New this November 23!
Brand new products for November 2023

2023 - lets get excited!

2023 - lets get excited!
Dare I say it, the big C word is fast approaching, which means it's nearly a new year! As requested by my loyal followers, I've created a couple of...

Art for my wellness

Watercolour art print sacred geometry rainbow, iterum
Whether its accessing my art through purchasing my prints or products, joining in on the Art for Wellness subscription group which will be starting soon (sign up to the email list if you're interested in that!) or just being part of Inkterior Art's Facebook community, I hope that it brings you some joy and light!

Perfect Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

Perfect Personalised Mothers Day Gifts
A guide to personalised mothers day gifts. For those Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties that deserve to know how much they are appreciated.

Our Irene - Happy Mother's day you weirdo

Happy Mother's day you weirdo
A dedication to my mother... Our Irene. May she stay as weird and as wonderful always!

You've got your art, what next?

your art
You've commissioned me to paint an original watercolour.... but you're not sure what to do next. Here's some helpful advice when it comes to framing your art.

Follow your dreams - back to school

Follow your dreams
New Start If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram, you'll know that I'm going back to school..... and tomorrow if my first day. Although I'm no...

It's never too late to do what makes you happy

do what makes you happy
So.... I've just eaten my body weight in kit kats and twix bars... and it's given me the sugar rush to write a blog. If you're a follower of my pag...

Why does handmade cost so much compared to retail shops?

handmade moth mug
  I'm not one for justifying my prices, after all..... if you like my products, then you'll buy.... and I won't start now. but, I know people can l...

When is it too early for the C word ? (Christmas just in case you thought I meant the naughty one!)

christmas gifts
I've been quiet for a little bit as my arms have been really bad so I couldn't type. I used the time to have a think about products etc and new des...

Mental Health awareness week... the bright side

Mental Health awareness week

Every week should be mental health awareness week in my eyes, but as it's official this week lets talk openly about it. Reach out and share what you're going though, or speak to someone who you know struggles with mental illness.

To make it easier to talk about... I came up with a new product range that offers a way to talk about issues without it being too heavy, After all, the burden people carry who have mental illnesses is heavy enough.

Fibromyalgia awareness day, how art is therapy

art is therapy
You don't have to be any good at arts and crafts to benefit from art therapy! It's the process that is therapeutic really. And guess what... the more you do, the better at it you'll become... double whammy! It practices mindfulness. If you've not heard of this before, it's the practice of living in the here and now. Not focusing on anything else other than the task at hand.