Our Irene - Happy Mother's day you weirdo

For those that follow my Facebook page, you'll have heard of 'Our Irene'. She's the mother behind Inkterior Art, Jemmima's adoptive mum, and the Grandmother to Arbie and Pip Squeak. You'll also know about her shenanigans. I've tried to remember all the funny things she's done in the last few weeks, but as there's so many, and my memory is horrendous... I only have proof of a few!

I have to tell you firstly why I call her Irene.... Obviously that's her name, and I'm not being disrespectful when not calling her mum.... but when I was very little I had a habit of wandering off on my own. Once, at a fair, I went on my merry way, very independent, not phased by being alone, and I got lost. I'd tell you that I wasn't lost... but a 5 year old wandering around alone is always presumed lost and not on a little adventure! I was taken up on the stage and and asked who I belonged to... what my mum's name was. I apparently looked at him as if he was asking the most stupid question in the universe and responded with 'Mummy!' . And that's where it comes from... so whenever I wandered off on my tod in future (which was on a regular basis) I had to say Irene... and it stuck. 

As it's mother's day, I thought I'd share with you how wonderfully weird she is. ... Like when I asked her if she'd like to go for a meal for Mother's Day her response was 'Na, can't be arsed' . Cheers mum !!!

My mum is the best... Fact!

I have to be clear, although I take the piss out of her (which she makes way too easy) I really do appreciate everything she does for me. She's been so supportive through my art therapy journey, helps me out with admin and posting etc and much more. Behind the scenes she helps me manage my Fibromyalgia too. She does the big food shop for me, helps tidy and clean, and even does my washing for me. Which brings me nicely to the first photo I'm going to share with you.

I'm not sure if this actually needs any explanation, when I showed the photo to Helen (my stall wench) all she said was 'I love our Irene'. There was no explanation sent with the photo.



For those that aren't quite sure whats going on... the short version is... this is my washing, in the middle of my road, which was left for quite some time, till Irene realised she had misplaced it somewhere and called me to look for it. This is where I found it. Yes, cars were driving round it and no, no-one moved it!

You're a Ho

Lately I've been teaching Irene how to use Whatsapp. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I get random emojis and gifs all the time which make absolutely no sense, and she doesn't yet know how to work the video calling properly (which is highly amusing when she's part of the 3 way video call!!). 

Now, I'm well known for my typos... and I have learnt to accept that this is part of my charm (if you're a customer of mine you'll have learnt this too), and Irene is walking in my footsteps....in a grand way! I always forget the screenshot them, and some are probably not suitable for the general public to be honest.... but this little beauty I got evidence of.


She fully accepts that she is in fact a Ho !

More to Come

I'll work on getting more I promise... I'm going to get a little book and start writing them all down. I'm so used to them on a daily basis I always forget to share... but just so you know that our relationship has been this wonderfully sarcastic... you can rent Irene, I'm more than willing to pimp her out... she does come with special instructions though... much like a Mogwai. Always remember to crack a window when you leave an Irene in a car, and she will mither you on an hourly basis.... whilst admitting the cat is more important than you.



 To all you wonderful Mother's out there, every day should be your day! To those that no longer have their mum's here, they're always with you. And to those mothers like me... to a fur baby... they may not be able to go out and buy you a gift... but to them you are their world!

Happy thoughts and positive vibes to all you mums, grans, nans, cat mums, dog mums, adopted mums, pet mums, and any other type of mums out there. You all rock!





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