You've got your art, what next?

I'm sat in the hairdresser's chair having my 6 month old roots done and thought I'd write a quick blog about framing your art.


There's a few options for you, and with original watercolours it's important to frame it right.

Not only does a well chosen frame do your art justice and show it off.... It looks after the art too.

If you're doing it yourself....

Buy a frame with a mount


It's important to frame all original art with a mount. Why? You ask... It's simple... The art needs to breath. I'm not talking about literally inhaling and exhaling... It needs to be able to move with fluctuating environments and humidities. It also protects it from any acidity that may be on the glass.


So firstly you need to attach the picture to the mount. Don't attach it all the way around. (Smaller pieces are ok to do this as they may not be as warped). larger pieces will have some unevenness in them. This is because the paper changes shape when the wet paint is applied then dried. Over time it will settle but will never be completely flat.


your art

All you need to do is attached tape to the top and bottom on the back side of the mount and picture like this... 


your art


Then make sure the inside of the glass is clean and put it all together... And hay presto... Your art is framed.


baby scan art

Choosing your frame... If you can't afford a custom frame

I would normally recommend taking your art (very carefully) with you to the shop. This way you can see which frame will look best. Remember... Bigger is better!!!

What do I do if the picture doesn't fit in the mount?

Don't stress! Most framers will make custom frames even if you're not buying the frame from them. So choose your frame... Take the frame and art to your local framers and they'll make a custom mount for you. They propaply will even frame it too... Mine does! 

Consider having a double mount too... It can really make an impact


If money is no object

So you've paid for an original piece of art... And have spare cash to spend on a custom made frame. This is always the best option because a professional framers knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to art. It also means you have a lot more choice too.


Whatever route you decide to go down... Remember not to put art in direct sunlight. It can bleach the colour from the painting and yellow the paper and mount.

Above all else... Enjoy it! Art is meant to inspire thoughts and feelings, be a conversation starter ...and hopefully with my art... Make you happy.

Remember... I can always frame for you! I have a selection of frames in stock for smaller pieces such as scan photos. And will either source a frame or have one made for larger pieces. I send all art word recorded delivery, so remember to factor this into your budget when deciding if you'd like a framed or unframed piece.

If you're ever unsure, just message me and I'd be happy to advise

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