Perfect Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

After becoming a parent myself, I realise that time is precious and hard to come by!

So, I've put together a guide to personalised mothers day gifts. For those Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties, Guardians, and other mother figures in your life that deserve to know how much they are appreciated.

And a thoughtful gift is a great way to do that! 

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts
This guide to personalised Mothers day gifts will make it easier for you to find that perfect present.  Here you'll find some of my best creations and gift ideas.

Mother's day in the UK is fast approaching, there's not long left until the 27th March!

Custom Geode Hearts

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts
Custom geode hearts are hand made to fit any colour scheme. You can receive them already in a gift box ( so all the work is done for you) or with a hand or cushion stand. 
If you'd like something a little more alternative, I also offer custom anatomical hearts too! Don't worry, they're not dripping with blood (unless that's the decoration you'd like!), but are decorated with coloured glass and metallic leaf.

Family Tree Paintings

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

I can create custom Family Tree original watercolour paintings for just £38.00.

A gorgeous take on a family tree. This is hand drawn and painted on high quality watercolour card and includes your family names, last name and established year.

Any colour combination is available, so you can make it truly personal.

family tree art

Family Portraits

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts
If your budget will stretch a little further, and you'd like something the whole family can enjoy, how about an original family portrait painting? This splashy style really creates a fun and memorable focal point for any room. 

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts For New & Expectant Mum's

Baby Scan Art

baby scan art

If you'd like to get a truly unique piece of art for an expectant mum... then an original baby scan painting is perfect.

Created using the original scan with or without a name, and in any colour scheme.

These original watercolours are stunning.

Breastfeeding Art

breastfeeding art

Celebrate a special mum's breastfeeding journey with an original piece of custom art.
Created using an original photograph as reference and available in any colours. You can also have silver, gold or copper leaf added to it!
Bottle feeding paintings are also available or any special moment captured between mum and baby.

Family Figures

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts family figures
A family portrait is a great gift, but if you'd like something a little smaller, which represents the whole family, then this may be a great option.
The family figures are custom made from resin and can even have lights included in them.
You can select a different colour to represent each family member (it would be fun for the kids to choose their own colours!). There's also an option of including memorial figures too, by the inclusion of wings to the relevant figure.
The perfect way to remember those that can no longer be with us.

Heart Shaped Lights

heart light
I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive this next suggestion. A heart shaped light that comes with its own stand. A beautiful and stylish way to show you care that can be created in any colour you like. 

Prints And Ornaments


bee mug gift


If you'd like to get something a little more specific to their interests, I also have a great selection of prints and ornaments such as animals, geode mushrooms and home ware.

Dog Mum Gifts


dog mum gifts
If you're looking for a gift for a special someone with fur babies i can create original watercolour pet portraits. (or furless baby, I can paint any species of animal.)
What do your leading ladies deserve this Mother's Day?
If you're still struggling to come up with something special, get in touch on my Facebook page and I'll be happy to help come up with something truly meaningful.

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