Profanity/ swear word keyring - dick
Profanity/ swear word keyring - cunt
Profanity keyring - cunt
Profanity keyring
Sweary profanity keyring - Asshole
Sweary gift - keyring
Sweary keyring - kiss my ass
profanity keyring gift
profanity keyring - fuck off
profanity keyring - Bitch
profanity keyring - bitch
profanity keyring
profanity keyring - Boss Bitch
profanity keyring - asshole
profanity keyring - fuck off
profanity keyring - dick

Swear Word Resin Keyring - Choose Your Profanity

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Swear word resin keyring from Inkterior Art, made by Laura Gray

Your choice of sayings or profanity from the list below. You'll get a random colour choice, but if you'd like a custom one, get in touch.

There's a choice of hidden message or the words being obvious and coloured with a contrasting coloured resin.

Please state your choice of words when ordering by leaving a note at checkout. If no note is left then you'll receive a random choice.

The profanity keyring has a strong screw loop.

Choose your perfect profanity from:

  • Cunt.
  • Bitch.
  • Dick.
  • Kiss my ass.
  • Boss bitch.
  • Fuck off.
  • Asshole.