Squirrel Watercolour Wall Art Print

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Squirrel watercolour art print by Inkterior Art, created by Laura Gray.

Are you like me and love British wildlife, or know someone who does? Here you can order my Squirrel watercolour art work as a print. 

Art print sizes are : 8 by 6 inches, A4 and A3. If you would like a larger size please get in touch. They come unframed. 

If you are ordering an A3 print, please allow printing time (up to 2 weeks) as these are custom prints and not readily available in stock.

There's of 4  woodland animal paintings to collect if you'd like the full set.

If you would like any other printed products with my art on please get in touch as I'm always trying new things, such as aprons, tea towels, badges etc.