Resin Desk Light
Resin Desk Light
Cube Desk Light
Cube Desk Light
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Resin And Concrete Cube Led Desk Light

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Resin and concrete cube desk light from Inkterior Art created by Laura Gray.

Not only attractive but functional too!

I can do the resin in any colour combination, when ordering just leave a note or message on the live chat option! Each piece is custom made, making it truly unique so please allow 10-15 working days for production. 

The cubes measure 6.5cm square. 

The led lights have a battery pack on the bottom of the desk light, to make changing the battery easy along with turning it on and off. 

Led lights are not guaranteed to last a lifetime, but they do last hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours!

Don't leave lights turned on unattended or switched on for a long period of time.

 Always keep resin pieces out of direct sunlight. I use high quality resin to reduce yellowing effects of uv rays, but direct sunlight can increase this. Alcohol inks I use can also bleach and fade in the sun