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Filigree cat head sculpture

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These gorgeous hand cast cat heads can be created in any colour combination and each is unique and custom made.

The eyes are painted glass and set into a beautifully decorated, filigree style cat head. The filigree details are painted with chameleon colour shift pigments to make each cat extra special.

These 'normal' cat heads are 9cm tall and 10cm wide. I also do large sphynx heads too! They have a soft cork base for protection.

At check out please please a note with the following details on:

Eye colours

Main head colour ( for instance black or white)

Filigree colours 

You can have any colour combinations, even in the eyes! If you'd like to see eye colour examples please send me a message to request some photos!

As they're custom made, please allow for 10-15 working days to be created