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Cuntynol funny prescription pill

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This prescription is prescribed by Inkterior Art, and is recommended for people who deal with a lot of cunts in their lives! To be looked at once a day or more, to help deal with cunt, cuntiness and general cunty behaviour (let's face it we all have to put up with that!)!!! This is a great novelty gift idea for many occasions, for a cheer up gift for someone who's going through a tough time, or a birthday treat.... or just because!!! Inkterior Art Happy pill range... with a little spice!

Cuntynol: 800mg tab

Dosage: One as needed to cure infection from cunts, cunty behaviour and general cuntiness
Side effects: Higher tolerance to cunt like people,
possible reduction in attraction to dickheads and similar: May cause small amounts of not giving a fuck. Take care not to overdose as cuntiness will develop.

Not for oral consumption

This gorgeous modern take on resin art will certainly brighten up not just your home but your mood too.

Here at Inkterior Art  I create all the resin art pills from scratch. Pill colours will vary and you'll receive a random resin pill chosen by me, but if you'd like specific colours please get in touch.

Each pill treatment is framed in a pine box frame and is 12cm square. If you'd like a different box frame gift option, please contact me for details and a quote. Larger box frame pill novelty gifts are available on request.

If you have an ailment that needs treatment, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll get in my lab for you!

I have lots of treatment options ready to go at Inkterior Art!