2 Pill treatment and vaccine against Grumpyoldmanitis, Inkterior Art Happy Pill range

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This course of treatment vaccinates and treats Grumpyoldminitis created by Inkterior Art. It's for the sufferer to reduce the symptoms, and for partners and offspring to help cope with being in their company! If your looking for a fun novelty gift idea, this could be it!

It makes a great Father's day gift, birthday or Christmas gift.... or just because he's a grumpy old man!!!


Grumpyoldman-acillin: 800mg tab


Dosage: One when required. Take during man’s

grumpiness, or if you see a bout of Grumpyoldmanitis about to happen.

Side effects:  Higher tolerance to grumpy behaviour, bouts of laughter at sufferer of Grumpioldmanitis

Warning: May cause some selective hearing

Not for oral consumption


Grumpyoldmen-atol: 800mg tab


Dosage: One when required, during or after grumpy occurrence. Take if you feel a flare coming on

Side effects: Reduction in overall grumpiness, general mood stabaliser, higher tolerance to petty issues

Warning: May cause bouts of not caring and less

Moaning. Smiling and humour occurs in 1 in 10 men

Not for oral consumption

Here at Inkterior Art  I create all the resin art pills from scratch. Pill colours will vary and you'll receive a random resin pill chosen by me, but if you'd like specific colours please get in touch.

Each pill treatment is framed in a pine box frame and is 12cm square. If you'd like a different box frame gift option, please contact me for details and a quote. Larger box frame pill gifts are available on request.

If you have an ailment that needs treatment, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll get in my lab for you!!!

I have lots of treatment options ready to go at Inkterior Art and some are in the lab being created.... to see different options you can visit my Facebook page in the pill collection, to see the options that are created and ready to go. To find out what's in the works just send me a message!