Therapy animals my arse!

As I've mentioned, I have Fibro and because of this I have therapy cats. If you've seen my facebook page, you'll have seen my two boys. I didn't always have these two  clowns, before them was Jemima. She now lives at my mum's... long story short Arbie is her son. I bred her to keep a kitten in a view to help with her anxiety.... it did not go well and now she's fallen out with me and she's my mum's baby. Today on my time hop... came up with my comment about Jemima.... it read 'Jemima is my therapy animal... but she's the one that needs therapy'. That about says it all!

So with all the different art forms I do, you can imagine that they like to get involved. Don't worry when the resin is out they're safely locked away in the crate of fate! Normally it's ok... they sit on my lap, pinch a few paint brushed and attempt to drink the paint water. They occasionally add their own signature to my art in the form of watercolour paw prints which is my own fault really ha ha.

But unpacking deliveries and taking photos can be a small nightmare! It's amusing at first... until they start eating cellotape and packing peanuts.

Every now and again, they do something that shows exactly what it's like to have cats, especially intelligent, naughty sphynx's..... and this is one of those occasions.

Trying to package up a new product (unbelievably awesome sweary coasters you can find here ) proved how little cats generally give a shit about! anything!


Zero fucks given !

And then there's the deliveries! Helpers at the ready!!!


 Let's unpack it mummy I wanna play!


Therapy animals

Hope this amused you as much as it amused me!


By the way, it's my birthday on Friday, 11th May (36 years young), and on my Facebook I'll be non celebrating with special discounts on many of my products!


Happy shopping




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