Blog 1.... to boldly go

You'll have to bare with me... I'm a creative type.... so all this social media technology malarkey is a mine field to me! So I'll keep this short and sweet.

Today one of my lovely customers helped me set this up so I can share more with you and I'll be forever grateful (you however may not be grateful to her... it all depends on how interesting... or not... these will be!) .

Hopefully as I get used to these... they'll get more and more interesting.... but for now tough! ha ha

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit.. just in case you're not already a follower of me on my Facebook page or Instagram (links on home page!).

Hi there..... I'm Laura and I'm a 35 year old (36 in a few days) Manchester based artist. I've always been a bit creative, but after developing Fibromyalgia 7 years ago, last year I decided to go to an art class for art therapy.

This art class was not full of professionals studying fine art..... it was literally full of retired older ladies (and now one token gent) sat painting for fun. The teacher, who I owe all my progress to, reminds me of Tony Hart. He's a great artist who's for the most part is very patient (when he's not, we probably deserve it as we get a little over excited).

I went there, having never really tried to paint properly, with no real aim to become an actual artist, just to have a bit of fun. It was purely to get me out of the house and help take my mind off my chronic condition. I'll talk more about art therapy as I do more blogs, as I believe it's helped me massively manage my symptoms. To my surprise.... it actually turns out that I can paint!!! Reminded by my mum (our Irene) on a regular basis, that as a child I was pretty useless when it came to drawing and painting, no matter how hard I tried! Apparently all I could manage was a scribble, which was meant to be my name.. but was in fact apparently a spider.

One year on and my art and painting technique is growing stronger and stronger. I would have never believed if you'd shown me a year ago my current paintings, that they would be produced by me. I would have put money on it... fair enough I would have lost the bet.... but I'm good with that!

I'll try to share some photos of my first painting (a bit pants ) and what I'm producing today.... if you're seeing photos then I managed it (yay me) if not... doh! If I manage it... I think you'll agree... I've come a long way !! First photos is a recent painting... second is from last summer !

Dodo  print May 2018
Humming bird painting Summer 2017



But first... I'm off to make tea, because I'm hangry... you won't like me when I'm hangry!











  • Thanks for all your support guys!!! hope you enjoy the ride!

    Laura Gray
  • Go Laura
    I love your first blog

    Edwina Halligan-Sipos
  • Well done Laura you arty farty gal. Proud of you.


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