Chakra resin wall art square box frame. Plain back
Chakra resin wall art square box frame. Plain back

Chakra resin wall art square box frame. Plain back

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If you're looking for a spiritual piece of art, or know someone who believes in energy flow of the Chakras, then this is the perfect piece of resin art for you.

Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge explains Chakras as this:

'Chakra means 'wheel' in Sanskrit. Achakra is an area in the body connected with life energy. There are seven chakras in the body - each is an interface for the flow of life energy. A chakra vitalizes a physical body and is associated with interactions of a physical or mental nature.'

 Each disc is handmade in house at Inkterior Art, to create a beautiful 3d art effect, using resin and ink to create a truly gorgeous take on spiritual energy. These are made to order so each piece varies in effect, but the colours will always match up the their relevant chakra points.

If you'd like a coloured background, there is also that option available in my shop. It's backed with a print from my original watercolour painting of the tree of life.

The symbols are intricately cut from vinyl in silver.

There are 3 box frame options, white, grey and black. The frames measure 20cm square and can either be free standing box frames or wall hung to help you find a perfect place in your home.

If you don't specify a frame colour on order, a random frame will be sent.


 Always keep resin pieces out of direct sunlight. I use high quality resin to reduce yellowing effects of uv rays, but direct sunlight can increase this. Alcohol inks I use can also bleach and fade in the sun